Medcem Pure Portland Cement®

Medcem Pure Portland Cement® is an excellent capping material for cariology on permanent teeth (direct and indirect capping) and in primary tooth endodontics (primary tooth amputation). 

Medcem Pure Portland Cement® is characterized by excellent colour stability and neutrality and does not contain any additional ingredients. This makes the Medcem Pure Portland Cement® perfect for colour sensitive areas like the front teeth, for example. Medcem Pure Portland Cement® shows the best bio inductive and mechanical characteristics among all MTA materials. In addition, special emphasis is lain on low heavy metal content in the selection of the adequate cement.

The X-ray opacity is slightly higher than that of the dentine.

Medcem Pure Portland Cement® is especially adequate for usage in primary teeth endodontics due to its moderate price.

Medcem Pure Portland Cement® is mixed with sterile water.