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Graduated mixing bowl with cc (mL) indication

Use a sterile spatula to mix 10 mL of NaOCl with the powder contained in 1 capsule of Dual Rinse HEDP

Use our mixing bowl to sterilize your gutta-percha points (3 – 5 min in NaOCl solution). 

J Endod. 1975 Apr;1(4):136-40.. Rapid sterilization of gutta-percha cones with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite. Senia ESMarraro RVMitchell JLLewis AGThomas L

PMID: 1061790 

DOI: 10.1016/S0099-2399(75)80098-7



Keep your isthmus open with positive pressure irrigation and Dual Rinse HEDP.

  1. Case with post-treatment apical periodontitis. Irrigation of the pulp chamber using Dual Rinse HEDP in a 1% NaOCl solution renders the dentin shiny. Discolorations and the original canal orifice anatomy can be appreciated.

  2. Gutta-Percha and sealer are removed chemo-mechanically.

  3. Irrigation using Dual Rinse HEDP/ NaOCl renders the canal system clean. Note the dissolution of the discolorations in the pulp chamber.